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e the person your dog thinks you are."

"From the dog's point of view, his master is an elongated and abnormally cunning dog."
~Mabel Louise Robinson

"Man is a dog's idea of what God should be."
~Holbrook Jackson

Welcome to Vom Hundhaus German Shepherds located in Brooksville Florida. On occasion we have German Shepherd Puppies for sale. This is NOT a kennel Breeder, we have no more than 2 litters a year, less than 20 puppies, who prides ourselves with quality Show Line German Shepherds with strong V rated Titles, drive, and stable temperaments.
Quality German Shepherd Dogs are wonderful family companions. A stable German Shepherd Dog has a steady temperament and is patient and kind with even the youngest family members. Our two daughters were raised with this wonderful breed without incident. This is why it is critical that when a person/family decides upon a German Shepherd  Dog for their pet, they must take extreme care that their new companion has strong blood lines and the breeder uses high quality German shepherd dogs for their breeding practices.

Decide what your GSD's job will be for your family:

A German Shepherd Dog wants a job, decide on the role of your new family member and train her/him accordingly. Remember as always, dogs are pack animals and you and your family are their new pack. All members of the family must take the role of leader and your new pet will be happy and willing to follow all of your instructions. German Shepherds are highly intelligent and easily trained.

Bringing  your German Shepherd Puppy home:

At Vom Hundhaus German Shepherds we can housebreak your new puppy and train him/her with basic training commands prior to you bringing them home. This can make your transition easier. You still must be vigilant and disciplined with your new puppy because as with a child she too will test your limits. Call for additional cost involved.

 Additional Dog Training:
The sky is the limit when training your German Shepherd Dog. We can refer you to group training and clubs whether it is for show line or IPO bite work or advanced obedience and tracking.  You do NOT need to be the trainer for your dog to follow commands taught by another. We do have trained German shepherd dogs for sale on occasion, trained and IPO titled excellent for guard dogs and estate protection.

Training Pictures of Vom Hundhaus German Shepherds and Get A Grip K9

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vom hundhaus german shepherds training with get agrip k9


We pride ourselves in breeding West German shepherd Imports. They are rich black and red. Our pups for sale in Tampa Bay Florida are hand held and socialized from birth. If you are looking for a German shepherd puppy for sale, or a young adult/adult German shepherd for sale in Florida make an appointment to come visit us. If you are not located in Florida and are interest in buying one of our German Shepherd Puppies or Dogs, we do ship. We will make every effort to make your German Shepherd Puppy purchase an easy transaction and provide you with videos, pictures and documentation along with answering any questions in person or by phone.

If you would like to buy a German shepherd dog I encourage you to call so we can discuss and answer your questions. We only want the best for you and our dogs and will only offer them to approved homes. Please call to see if we have puppies for sale at this time.

                     727-687-5338   or  352-754-6165


We have german shepherd puppies for sale in Florida.

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          George Pate writer and puppy parent shares a great story of his pup Markus and their adventures first year together. Great depiction of     puppy hood



 I wish to express my gratitude to breeders Kevin and Donna Daley of Vom Hundhaus German Shepherd Dogs for providing me with the most glorious of furry friendlies – my buddy Markus.

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Vom Hundhaus German Shepherds breeder located Florida top quality V rated , Schutzhund titled, breed surveyed black and red West German showline imports.We have puppies,young and trained adult dogs for sale.
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